1071 Malazgirt History In English

Sultan Alparslan History

under the leadership of Sultan Alparslan in 1071 50,000 al pieces, i.e. 50 thousand of our soldiers, against the Seljuk soldiers, Romanian Diogenes, that is, against Byzantium, was there really a huge war, my friends . Yes, now there are only the soldiers of Sultan Alparslan, that is, the enemy soldiers, you know, there were more than 200 thousand soldiers in total against the enemy. 1071 Malazgirt History In English\ Sultan Alparslan History

I think most of you are currently using these numbers. I heard it for the first time from me Because when I heard it for the first time, I was very, very impressed. Just think about it, you are fighting a war against 200 thousand forces of Byzantium with a total of M 50,000 soldiers under the leadership of Sultan Alparslan. Also in our own lands. So you are not fighting in the place you know, your enemy is in Anatolia,

which disappeared. fighting you Sultan Alparslan’s not summered with even my hand with 50,000 in the army I was writing 40000 in the book 40002 armies with 200 thousand armies or indeed to challenge many but really impressed so I say good that is Turks because our ancestors that really,

Sultan Alparslan History

really lucky our ancestors to Imagine if China’s but very happy if you wish with no longer with you this legendary mode of investigation let’s say I’m friends burgundy game a little mixing just the look I see something like this example I give you the Chinese ancestors of us do not really think we can be proud with so what were good that he proud It’s really for that n You know what I got here 19 before I took you anyway video of this mode is that day we set mounted one ie But these goods So it’s been a really old model,

1071 Malazgirt History In English

I think that normally modes clear when we progress our What disappeared never been the case that we have seen in so so now here rope Let’s click So today I will start this video from here I will start from scratch, it starts again, let’s click it guys, of course, we will do a really beautiful battle of Sultan Alparslan, don’t worry,

I wouldn’t be if we didn’t do the Field Battle, and let’s choose to call our father from here, you already know. Normally, Sultan Alp Arslan’s father is Çağrı bey, when our father passed away, I will choose al Pasha. Now we have to choose a flag here, guys, you see, we have a Kay flag here, but I will make this flag from here to make it more suitable in my mood Other Fishes I’m from here Let’s see what’s up. Friends,

1071 Malazgirt History In English

I chose this from here Is this because it’s more beautiful in the right name of our character a little further I went up the color of the flag by the other Sultan Alparslan do and now it features a quick glass than let them all come while longer now review Good okay threw need to adjust the face of our character here I am,

I try to adjust quickly that this character has been nice Meanwhile, you see the character of our hair My organization is the same as Osman Gazi’s hair in Osman mode now all click in Ha when we started, you know the way organizations’ll start again Osman mode will be short to be Osman long Gazi’s hair So it will be the same as Burak Özçivit’s hair It’s just like that, it started deep in the forest. It’s great. We have one report here, guys.

Please watch it here, you were always asking me why you don’t use it, so look, for example, I have a crossbow in my hand right now, it’s the same as an arrow in this arbole, there is no difference, 1071 Malazgirt History In English

so look, for example, I how do i have one enemy now I’m going to shoot, I’m asking you, look at you, so it’s really hard to use Because the enemy can really hunt us, let’s get this one from here, my friends, my sword is great. You see, we have such a beautiful sword. Really great Tuğrul Bey came to us, what can I say, are you injured, let’s go from here, my brother says Let ‘s go from here. We have come to the place, you can see, we can see the Kay flag next to the Seljuk State here, I will write this right away, we will travel After that ,

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we will look at it when I see it anyway Yes, friends, by the way, I forgot to say that tomorrow or Friday we will continue from where we left off. Okay, let’s talk about this state. He says our land has collapsed, he says, “Shoot is left to his herd” Don’t worry, Tugrul won’t do such a thing. We will actually beat the Molla.

We also give it according to something here. Only I will not serve. If we start this model series in the future, we will do these tasks together with you, we will get out of here right away. Let your friends Look, 1071 Malazgirt History In English

I say to you modes legend really see the legend mode, the map I do not know the game I think we had quite a nice full look I had which states but Mugla know that the Byzantines had Barbara European tribes So this mode really say health in the hands of whoever did because the actual date on who Barbarossa it really Show left Wonderland that standing here in the Turks they said Barbara really,

Sultan Alparslan History

really glad there’s something Gur Castle had remembered that houses the Russians that her except let Mugla where you really wonder there was the Hungarian Prince that also we know that the Byzantine example, was here, for example, is really at the moment you see Anatolia you see that is has become just such a Byzantine residence one does not even have Unfortunately the Turkish homeland now let’s look at our Turkey where He is our Turks do not see any friends do not have a land currently do not have Turkey, unfortunately, 1071 Malazgirt History In English

one of Turkey you see no land a spoon with unfortunately We don’t have any land, so the game also says, the whole world feels like starting from scratch, let’s see what will happen. There is only one time, Sultan Alparslan, and you know, I will go from here, I hope I can get soldiers from here, I can’t get them from here Because you see, this is not the city, the Castle is my urgent way. I need to find the city from here and I came to Constantinople from here Let’s go right here Yes, friends, there is an inn here. So we will fill our army well from here, 1071 Malazgirt History In English

friends. For now, I will look at these, namely, the Byzantine soldiers’ Army, don’t worry, do not worry, in the future, if there are Turks in the game, I will add four in total. soldier army now I have there times were very good friends, I also click on the go instead of this market will stay home a little here,

Sultan Alparslan History

because soon immediately following really try to make a huge army also let even now they have received the chicken quickly let us have gotten so fed up with friends 1071 Malazgirt History In English

this Again I will not take the same way had the fatty stuff alone I do not end sadly oils when I received the oils do not know they have looked at the oil is now one my great just got here are 4 hearts I came to the village and now is here now five men came to our another village if a receiving play we’ve got all of these bad soldiers, we ‘re going to make really good soldiers, so we will develop them, 1071 Malazgirt History In English

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let’s take two people from here, fast glass, three more excellent two people, let’s see, let’s see, 7 people came, I ‘m really good, and here again, I paid 70 liras and entered Let’s get our soldiers quickly mama They don’t come, unfortunately, you see, it’s not in demand, but we will really break their wishes right now,

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we see a total of 49 clumsy ones with me, so we have a total of 49 people together. Even Meyd The Battle of Moment and one. Maybe we can square Sultan Alparslan from the Battle of Manzikert The Romanian Diogenes War So I really found Romanian Diogenes from here I even want to talk to him from here Let’s see what he has to say,

we will see legends you depart the fading who Suzan money who are here Own rebellious had his help this place to your friends you see inside Istanbul flags have something already we hang out here right now if you want you subject them conquer this fashion in Istanbul let friends b You see output Speaking door uracil So I previously we hang out in here right now of such a door I have never seen the doors really building you find the hands of health become a myth we do now if you see the desert lands up, 1071 Malazgirt History In English

so I came up to Jerusalem So we have recognized today more like mode with you back and On the other hand, I saw a very funny thing there, you see, the colors of the horses here are really different. I don’t even like this mode because their colors are very different. I remember that we can go out now. Anyway, friends, we have come to the end of this video. future and tomorrow Romanians will do a great pitched battle at the Diogenes Sultan Alparslan together If you like,

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