Amazing Hidden Feature In The WhatsApp

The most popular social media app ‘WhatsApp‘ has many features to facilitate users to utilize, but there is one that is hardly known to anyone.

Today we will tell you about a WhatsApp feature that you can use to know who you talk to most on WhatsApp.

This feature lets users know all the statistics about messages, calls, photos and videos from their most talked-about friends.

If you also want to know who you talk to the most about WhatsApp, follow this procedure.

An amazing feature is hidden in the WhatsApp
An amazing feature is hidden in the WhatsApp
  • To find out, you should first go to the WhatsApp setting option.
  • After going to the WhatsApp setting option, click on the ‘Data & Storage’ tab.
  • After clicking on the Data & Storage tab, your data will start loading, and then a list will appear to you.
  • The person whose file size is the highest will mean that you have sent messages, photos and videos to that person the most.

After watching this list, you will be amazed at how much time you spend chatting on the WhatsApp.

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