Best Treatment for Lower Back Pain

Back pain is very common nowadays, many people suffer from it. Back pain is usually the result of the habit of sitting and working and inappropriate way of handling tasks. It is partly due to these psychological factors and emotional stress. It also interferes with the muscles of the human body causing sudden spasms or cramps. The waist, as it carries the weight of the whole body, sometimes refuses to carry the weight of people with heavy bodies or when carrying heavy weights. If he doesn’t stay in the bus, his back starts to ache.

About forty out of a hundred people suffer from this pain at some point in their lives. This disease is common but curable. That is, it is caused by improper sitting, painful bed and wrong way of lifting weights.
The spinal cord consists of thirty-eight interconnected elastic seals.

Best Treatment for Lower Back Pain

This bone is connected to the joints through which various functions are performed. The spinal cord is an important part of the human skeleton surrounded by nerves through which the brain connects with the rest of the body. ۔
The lower part of the back is supported by five seals. Allah has placed a Shock Observer between each of the two seals. It is a special kind of strong jelly that prevents friction between the two seals.
With age, this jelly-like disc slowly dries out and the friction between the seals weakens the tissues and muscles, and small nodules form in the bones. This type of pain is called spondylitis. Sometimes, even in young people, bending one’s tail or lifting weights increases the pressure on the disc and it shakes from its place. This is called slipping of the disc. There are many causes of back pain and there are a variety of methods to treat them, including both traditional and modern.

Different methods of physiotherapy are tried to treat back pain, the most reliable of which is the exercise method. Services are taken from Traction etc.
Patients who were previously advised to have surgery can now benefit significantly if they receive physiotherapy for two to four weeks.

Back pain surgery is a very careful operation. Even the slightest carelessness can inadvertently damage a nerve. In surgery, the spinal cord is separated and the spinal cord is cleaned. And whatever the cause, the pressure is removed and the abnormal thickness of the bones, tissues and discs are removed, but surgery is not necessary and useful for every back pain patient.

This is a special type of device that is inserted through a hole 5 cm deep and wide in the right hip, then a small incision is made in the middle of the waist and very carefully attached to the device with a wire spine consisting of eight electrodes. What is done is an immediate relief from the pain. Because it prevents pain signals from reaching the brain.

Infrared Belt
Infrared rays were discovered in the 1800’s, but only two centuries later they were used to treat back pain. Which uses very low levels of infrared energy to increase blood circulation, which makes the pain feel better.
People with back pain can use this strap during their daily routine and at bedtime, but with regular use, brown marks appear on the skin.

Magic Spine Wand
In this treatment, a small amount of pressure and pain-causing fibers on the disc is removed by piercing the skin with a needle. It takes barely an hour and the patient has only one wound on the wound caused by the needle. You can go home after applying the bandage.

New bone growth
Most middle-aged and elderly people suffer from back pain due to bone weakness and fractures. Physicians have discovered a new method by which unhealthy and unhealthy pieces undergo a non-painful surgical procedure and then The patient is given medicines that help in the natural growth of bones.
This modern and unique method is useful but now it is also being used only on an experimental basis. In this regard, winter vegetables such as Kachnar, Sohanjana, Radish, Turnip, Fenugreek, Ginger and Turmeric are beneficial nutritional remedies for back pain. In addition, if the following precautions or precautions are taken, Reconciliation is possible.

People who sit down and do their professional work should get up after every hour and take some time off from work. Do not sit on soft mattress seats, if you have to do this, position yourself a little. Keep changing for a while. People who have started having back pain problems should choose a hard surface for sleeping.
They should get in the habit of sleeping on a bed with a plank or a window on the floor. They should sleep on their sides with their legs bent at the knees. And make a 90 degree angle with the body. If you have to lift something from the ground, do not bend your back, but bend your knees and sit closer to this thing, hold it in your hand and keep your back straight and get up slowly.

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