Drought monster in Balochistan

“Wheat has been ruined by months of drought. Now we have left the cattle in the fields so that at least these dumb animals, not ours, can be fed by this destroyed crop, ”said Hamal Rodney, the owner of the fields, who was thirsty. Currently, most parts of Balochistan are affected by drought, but so far we are running out of power. On the other hand, there is talk of prostitution in the Senate elections, intolerance of political parties on social media and shameful trends on Twitter. Where is the traditional media to read the lament of Balochistan. When his eyes were tested, he saw gold, silver, brass and oil in Balochistan, but the people of Balochistan, who were suffering from hunger, disease and illiteracy, did not see him. Then the fruits of C-Pack are still far away from Balochistan and even if it happens, will the days of the people of Washik change or not? Only time will tell.

Drought in Balochistan is caused by climate change and the English name of the plague is Climate Change. At that time, there was no rain in Balochistan for two years. On the telephone, Hamal Rodney told us the details and said that the color of all seasons has become intense. When the cold becomes excruciating, sometimes the rain turns into a flood. Sometimes the heat is intense and sometimes it rains. This is the intensity of the weather that has gripped the whole of Pakistan. That is why, according to German Watch, Pakistan is one of the seven major countries affected by climate change. Now shepherds and farmers of many districts of Balochistan are also facing it but they are unaware of its science because they are worried about their survival. Pregnancy reported that earlier onion and cotton crops had weakened. Now that there is no rain, insects have infested the standing wheat, which is now being eaten by animals. Each season has intensified, destroying agriculture.

“If this continues for two or three months, there will be nothing left to feed the dumb cattle and the ruin will be at its peak,” said Hamal Rodney. When asked about the installation of tube wells, he said that first of all there is an extraordinary disruption in power supply in the area and the government has abolished subsidies on tube wells and electricity since 2007. As for the solar power plant, it costs Rs 15 to 16 lakh to run a tube well, which is beyond the means of an ordinary farmer. There are 40 to 50 families in this village and only a few lands have solar cells installed.

On March 4, the Meteorological Department declared January this year the 17th driest month since 1961. Its impact was noticeable from Baltistan to Balochistan, especially on agriculture. But the phenomenon was at its peak in Balochistan, where winter rains were the lowest. However, meteorologist Sardar Sarfraz said that there is still a month of March left in which rains may occur and its effect has been seen in Punjab but Balochistan is still thirsty.

Nabi Bakhsh, a resident of another village in Washik, also lamented the loss of a drought-affected wheat crop. “I have a tube well in my field, but I don’t need electricity to run it,” he said. However, he said the situation was similar in other agricultural areas of Balochistan. “There are no health facilities in the area and patients have to be taken to Quetta or Karachi. Even if there is healing in Naseeb, then it is fine, otherwise the grave of this sick person is made in Washik itself, ”said Nabi Bakhsh in a sinking tone.

Hamal Rodni and Nabi Bakhsh called on the authorities to declare the area a disaster area and repair their damage. He also called for government assistance in installation of tube wells, electricity subsidy and solar power plant. However, Nabi Bakhsh has also suggested building a dam in the area. But here I would like to ask the anchors who are plotting, performing Hajj at government expense and doing ten programs on the same subject, when will you address the issues of Balochistan?Slave planners of the caves of Margalla hills, why don’t you see Balochistan tormented? When will you go to Balochistan?When? When called, Balochistan will be licked.

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