Hungry citizens and our responsibility

Some things come straight to the heart, whatever the nature, then the heart becomes soft, it is only a matter of time that a call comes to my mobile phone, this citizen, about fifty years old, coughing with difficulty, that’s all. He said that there was nothing to eat in our house today, the caller was not lying because I know him personally, his kitchen was running out of his job and for some reason the job was lost, he was displaced for employment and this is still the case.

He did what he could and arranged for rations in his house before evening, but these rations are not enough for his whole life, his children will be able to eat bread for a while and until then, if there is no permanent arrangement for him, then I do not know what will happen? ??

The hairs stand on end thinking that when it is the turn of famine in one’s house, then the parents make the most difficult decision to get rid of this world, although in my opinion, it is the solution to fight the difficulties and try to create resources for oneself. There is no solution, for the sake of which man gets rid of worldly troubles, if he finds himself in a state of great torment and then there is no way back, please have mercy and do not show such a turn to anyone but only prayers, this is not the time for action Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

To my knowledge, this is a very worrying matter, but in such a big world, who is forced to know where and how much? How many white-clad people will try to sleep at night with stones on their stomachs? How many lives will be saved and how many lives will be lost? Will be facing difficulties ??.

There are many ways to serve humanity and cure their sufferings, any of which we can adopt. First of all, we must know the condition of our loved ones, if we can come to the aid of a needy relative, then we must do as much as we can. There may be some people in the neighborhood and friends who need you, but it will be known when you know each other in your neighborhood, who does what? How are the household conditions? Who has difficulty in running the kitchen? ? Try to know, but all this should be such that the next person’s self-esteem is not affected and help is given, help with one hand but the other does not even know. Some institutions may be in your knowledge which in fact Helping humanity, their hands can be made.

As I mentioned in the beginning about a citizen, if we hear about such a person, we should help him as much as we can, because we are all creatures of Allah Almighty and when one of his creatures is hungry, thirsty, needy then Nature will be very pleased with his help. He is the same being who makes hundreds of grains by putting one grain in the earth. He is the one who created us from a single drop and gave us those invaluable blessings which are not produced in any factory in the world.

Ever wondered if an eye can be lost, then such an eye can be found in a shop somewhere in the world? Consider the language itself, then prostrate on the gift, there is a piece of meat that makes a sound and so much in that sound. The effect is that sometimes a person’s voice is softened, sometimes tears are shed, and sometimes a situation arises in which the servant is astonished … after so many gifts of nature if we give him some money from his wealth. Spend it on the peace of the slaves. Will our wealth run out ?? This wealth, this friend, this honor, this fame, all this treasure from which it comes, it will never run out and this is the principle of its essence that If we spend in His will, then wealth does not decrease but increases even more. It is just a matter of consciousness. The caste which has given us everything has also given us consciousness to help our compelled slaves.

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