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Said Nursi History in Urdu
Al-Mujaddid Badi-ul-Zaman Saeed Nursi, may God have mercy on him, was born in the last days of the Ottoman Caliphate and faced constant atrocities. He was also persecuted by Mustafa Kemal Atatرکrk. He did not marry, citing “I will not be able to pay my wife’s dues in such a difficult time.”
Hur Adam Movie in Urdu Subtitles:
Early life
Saeed Nursi was born on March 12, 1876, in the village of Nursi, near Heizan in the Batlis province of the Ottoman Empire. You received your early education from a teacher in your hometown. Where he performed exceptionally well in religious discourses. Later on, he developed his reputation in Islamic knowledge
Awarded the title of “Innovative Time” (meaning the most unique and authoritative person of the time).


Saeed Nursi (may Allah have mercy on him) also wrote a great commentary on the Qur’an. The memory was so sharp that I had memorized “Jumma al-Jawami fi Asul al-Fiqh” in a week. And their teachers were behind them. The page in front of them was memorized at the same time. He wrote against atheism and wrote the best. He was a believer in Islamic sovereignty and a supporter of the Khilafah.

Once Saeed Nursi, may God have mercy on him, was imprisoned in Russia, he never, as was his custom, stood in front of the prisoner with respect. This made the man angry and then angrily asked why you do not stand up for me. The teacher replied, “I have been honored by my religion and that honor prevents me from doing so.” On this the man decided to execute against Sheikh Saeed Nursi and the execution was to take place in a few days. He had decided to hang, but Allah put such a terror in his heart that he canceled the decision.

History Of Said Nursi in Urdu:
Mustafa Kemal Atatرکrk had a lot of respect for him in the beginning and said that we need a sheikh like you. “He said,” If you are the ruler, then establish prayers. Mustafa Kamal did not answer when he recited Qur’anic verses on the importance of prayer and its establishment, then he was arrested for publishing a magazine.

Saeed Nursi, may God have mercy on him, strongly opposed secularism in one of his magazines, as a result of which the court sentenced him to imprisonment. He has written his own biography and his biography is also available. Everyone who reads his books knows that this man was scientifically dear to atheism. Even in court, atheists were not afraid to condemn ideologies, secularism and such false ideas and responded in their own way.

Hur Adam Movie With Urdu Subtitles:

Saeed Nursi died on March 23, 1960 in Arafa, southeastern Turkey. You were buried in a tomb. This tomb was located in front of the cave which was famous for the birth of Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him). Later that year, Mubarak’s grave was moved to an unknown location in Sparta, where he had previously lived in exile.

Tayyip Erdogan’s government renamed a historical museum the “Badi al-Zaman Museum” as a memorial to Saeed Nursi.

Hur Adam Movie With Urdu Subtitles:

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Hur Adam Movie in Urdu:
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