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Hello viewers Welcome to Kurulus Ahmad voice The shrine of Turgut alp is in Anigol but with this shrine there are many other tombs with the name of Turgut alp .

By the way there is nothing in history regarding the sons of Turgut alp but in Kurulus osman episode 62 We felt something that we will tell you later and it is very interesting and related to turgut but with reference to Kurulus osman episode number 63 our topics today are something like this relationship between bala hatun and malhan hatun They are getting better, but what will Zoya do that will harm Malhan Hatun,

especially because of the further gogtug of the heir of Osman Bey by which person close to Osman Bey may get in trouble, as well as tell you Zoya and How long will the story of Goktug alp go?

Will Sultan Masood help Osman Bey?

Will the new rebels be able to defeat Antini Commander and Nicola?

Will Osman Bey win this battle?

Our topics today will be the relationship between bala hatun and malhan hatun. They have gotten better and they will get better and this is the main reason That Malhan Hatun is about to have children and Bala Hatun is happy because Osman Bey will also have children with him but the biggest question is whether Zoya can harm Malhan Hatun by poisoning her in this regard.

The Name Lees Episode 25 In Urdu

This is the opinion that Zoya will not poison Malhan Hatun yet. The biggest reason is that Zoya can still send a lot of news to Nicola. If malhan hatun is poisoned then first alajha woman and zoya will be suspected and since zoya is new then there will be more suspicion so we think zoya will not do anything like this with mahlan hatun k Because she will try to make a lot of traps for Osman Bey,

so if she poisons Malhan Hatun, the biggest loss will be that she will be caught, but in the meantime Zoya will pass a lot of news to Nicola and Osman Bey. We may lose someone close to us or a close alp. We also think that all of Osman Bey’s plans will fail as long as Zoya is in the tribe because Nicola is very interested in gogtug so our I think the first victim will be Zoya’s Goktug alp but since the death of the gogtug will not be shown yet,

Bename Log Episode 25 Urdu

we think he will be caught. Through this Goktug alp Zoya will do something which will cause a lot of harm to Osman Bey. We think the first loss will be toran alp. We think Goktug is a little jealous of toran alp and look at Turhan alp with suspicion. We think Zoya can take advantage of this and Goktug and Turhan alp. Something will happen between which we think will only harm Ma Osman Bey.

We are jealous of Gogtug Toran Alp because Osman Bey has started giving him a lot of importance, especially after Togayi was caught. In this case, we will have to be disappointed in the end, but until Zoya’s identity is revealed, we think that Zoya will be able to escape from the tribe, but only after the great war will Zoya be able to get rid of our thoughts. That Zoya will not poison Malhan Hatun at first but when she has finished her spying and goes to the anigol she can poison him then Now let’s talk about Turgut alp.

Watch Isimsizler Episode 25 Urdu Subtitles

When Dawood Ustad was working in his factory, that is, in the factory that makes swords, then Turhan alp came to him and said that he knows all this because his ancestors used to do this. This is not our analysis. It is just an idea. Deli Demir used to work as a blacksmith in Ertugral. We all know that Deli Demir did not have a son, nor can Toran alp be his son. But after Deli Demir’s death, you We know that Turgut alp has worked in their place many times. Whenever we look at Turhan alp and whenever they are given importance,

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they seem to be spies of someone but not spies of any enemy but like a friend. At the beginning of the video we told you that there are many tombs near the tomb of Turgut alp with the name Turgut attached to it and many times we think that Turhan alp may not be the son of Alp Turgut alp but since We’ve had a son before, that’s just our idea because last season we heard Sofia’s name was Nicola’s name because next time For Yazan,

we are told about some of the characters, so we think that when the season is over, if the turgut alp is told through the toran alp, it will be told if it is possible, then we must tell in the comment section. Will tell If you haven’t subscribed to our youtube channel yet, subscribe and press the bell icon.

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