Lucky or unlucky?

Although this should not be the case, but after the rights of parents, why are some unfortunates getting upset after the bill ??? Who will be unlucky who will not want to weigh the weight of their children by treating their parents well ??? Who will not get the paradise under mother’s feet? Would like Who would want to be deprived of parental affection ??? But where millions of people consider the service of parents as happiness, there are also some unfortunates and they are also a part of our society … And you and another woman wrote a blog on it and gave the title: Did the children get the parents? ”The writer gave her thoughts. It is a pity that many unfortunate people applauded her and even tried to build bridges of appreciation.

If you are a Muslim, then you should not need any argument other than the Qur’an where many times Allah Almighty has commanded good treatment of parents, then if a person does this intentionally then there is no doubt that he is disobeying the divine commands and this Therefore, what is the matter between this servant and his creator, however, it is very unfortunate.

If we talk about rational argument, no conscious person will repay good with evil, but if a person treats you well, then in return you will treat him well because you will be rewarded for that good of that person. You will remember what he did to you in your difficult time, what could be better than when you were ignorant, you stepped into the world, your parents became a shadow and stayed with you, sleep at night and rest during the day. But he sacrificed himself, but he did not let you cry because of hunger, he did not have clothes on his body, but he arranged clothes according to all seasons to save you from the hardships of the weather, the virtues of parents are innumerable and their She can’t give revenge even if she wants children.

The woman writing the blog wants old age home care for the elderly to be common in our society as well and parents to stay there in old age and not to ride on the heads of the children because the children have not taken the parents’ contract. It is reported that in many cities of Pakistan, old age homes are working for the helpless elderly where the elderly who are helpless for any reason are taken care of and the loneliness in the society is avoided. But is it true that having real children? In spite of this, should the elders be confined in an old age home? Parents who have received the blessing of children after many months of hardships and difficulties, should have a palaposa, should have raised their children, should be saved from all difficulties of childhood, should be able to stand on their own feet after education. Make them capable, when the days of peace come, they will be away from their children, when they need support, they will live with the funds of the helpless.

We need to promote good behavior with parents in the light of divine commandments so that just as they sacrificed their happiness for our happiness, they will also be happy with us in the latter part of life, not talking to the walls of old age homes. Fill your breath as you do so. I would like to ask the bloggers who write against the Parental Rights Bill to reconsider their thinking that if the practice of keeping parents away from their children in old age becomes common, it will not be our good fortune but our misfortune.

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