Most Expensive Showbiz celebrity divorces In India Pakistan

As expensive and luxurious as the marriages of celebrities belonging to showbiz are, their separation also proves to be quite expensive. Today we will learn about the famous actor couple of showbiz who had the most expensive divorces.

1- Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh
Bollywood’s Nawab Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh have been married for 14 years. They were married in 1991 but then the result was divorce and they had to give half of their fortune to Amrita Singh as expenses.

2- Karisma Kapoor
Renowned Indian film actress Karisma Kapoor had taken Rs 7 crore to separate from businessman Sanjay Kapoor and the divorce case was settled in 2014.

Most Expensive Showbiz celebrity divorces In India Pakistan

3-Haritak Roshan and Souza
Haritak Roshan and his wife Suzanne are also facing a divorce case which will be the most expensive divorce. In this regard, Suzanne has asked for a large share of Roshan’s property on separation. Which makes trillions of rupees and Suzanne has demanded a huge share of this huge property for herself. Similarly, other most expensive divorces have taken place, such as Aditya Chopra had to pay Rs 50 crore to divorce his first wife Pail Khanna to marry Rani Mukherjee.

4- Aini Khalid and Noorid Awan
Leading Pakistani singer Aini Khalid married Noorid Awan, owner of a private airline, in 2012, which lasted only a few years. Malik Noorid Awan had paid Rs 40 million to Aini Khalid as part of the divorce.

5- Anjuman
Actress Anjuman married film producer Lucky Ali with two kanals of house, Rs 20 million and gold worth an unknown amount and now Lucky Ali has confirmed some time ago that she and Anjuman have also separated.

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