Not at war with the establishment, Fazl clarifies

Pakistani Democratic Movement (PDM) leader Maulana Fazlur Rehman said on Saturday that the opposition had complaints but was not at war with the establishment.

Speaking to the Peshawar media, Fazlur Rehman said complaints and concerns are being raised against people considered “their own” and the opposition does not want to “fight any institution”.

The PDM chief said that with the dissolution of the Sindh Assembly, the Electoral College would remain intact, which is why the opposition parties decided to participate in the city elections and the Senate elections.

Moreover, he asked the government not to celebrate the differences in the PDM as the opposition alliance was “united” and moving forward.

Conflicting statements have recently come from the PPP and PML-N, with the former suggesting a no-confidence motion against the Prime Minister, while the latter advises against it.

Fazl urged people to unite against the government and said that everyone should come together as a nation to solve the country’s problems.

Transparency International has “revealed corruption” from the government, he said, adding that corruption has “increased in the country”.

Speaking about the opposition’s future public gatherings, he said they would observe Kashmir Day on February 5 in Muzaffarabad and hold a meeting in Hyderabad on February 9.

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