Only 24% of Pakistanis believe that asymptomatic humans can also spread coronavirus: study

Photo: Gallup Survey

A study conducted by Gallup Pakistan has revealed that only 24% of Pakistanis believe that asymptomatic patients can spread COVID-19. Meanwhile, the majority, ie. 63% that people who do not show symptoms can not spread the virus.

According to an article by, the survey was conducted by Gallup Pakistan in collaboration with Jang-Geo News Polls, where about a thousand people participated from all over Pakistan. Participants were asked about their perceptions related to COVID-19 and its spread.

The survey was conducted between December 24, 2020 and January 15, 2021.

When asked if anyone in their social circle has been affected by COVID-19, 81% of respondents answered no, while 19% said they knew someone who got the virus. By June 2020, 22% of respondents had stated that they knew someone with COVID-19.

On the other hand, when asked if anyone they knew died due to COVID-19, the majority of respondents, ie. 89% that they did not know anyone who died of the disease. In contrast, 11% said they knew someone who died after getting the virus.

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