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History Of The Greatest Ottoman Empire Full History In 1 Post Ottoman Empire First Sultan To Last Sultan All History Explain Step By Step Read In The Series Of Ottoman Empire

the Ottoman Empire won from a small Balak in 1299 to a global superpower in 1566 this period is called the expansion period in which the Ottomans expanded their domains by defeating numerous Christian and Muslim states expanding their territory from Morocco to Persia and from Ukraine to Yemen to stop the Ottoman expansion European powers like France Hungary Poland and the Holy Roman Empire launched a series of Crusades baldie failed

by 1453 under the leadership of sultan mehmet ii constantinople was conquered thus bringing the Roman Empire which had lasted for a thousand five hundred years to an end the key to all these early successes were due to the elite Janissary Corps who were made up from Christians from the Balkan provinces of the Empire who were converted to Islam on being drafted into Ottoman service

while yer was ripping itself apart from its religious wars subjects of the Ottoman Empire enjoyed religious freedom in which people of all ethnicities lived together as neighbors the Golden Age of the em car came with sultan Suleiman the Magnificent which under his leadership rocked the Ottoman Empire to its most powerful and richest period Suleiman would go on to fight in 13 military campaigns during his 46 year reign against Charles to fit the Emperor at the hospital part to see who would become the sole superpower of Europe Suleiman was also known as the lawgiver due to his creation of a legal code and justice system and which a fortunate can be found in the US House a chamber up to this day after Schliemann step in 1566 the anima Empire entered a peerless stagnation this was due to the Ottomans starting to fall behind the military technology and then being involved long indecisive Wars

also the new Sultan’s were young and incompetent and like any administration or military skills to govern the Empire instead spending their time and money inside the Imperial Palace this left a power vacuum in government which would be filled by Krupp Janissaries and corrupt azir’s it was becoming more common for jesters – in Vault and killed the reigning Sultan so they was maintaining their power in the Ottoman state during this time period – Seoul tops were killed and another one exiled a 1672 donovan’s were once again putting pressure into Europe and this new phase and expansion will culminate during the Battle of Vienna the Ottomans were so close in capturing Austrian capital Vienna though right when the Ottomans were about to capture the city the polish king ja sobieski and his army attacked the flank of thought and rear guard thus breaking the entire army the Ottomans would fight for another 16 years but to no avail the great Turkish war would be the first time the Ottomans would concede major territories to European powers and it wouldn’t be the last

the next century would see the Ottoman slowly decline and loose even more wars to Austria and Russia and there would be even more jasser revolts and there would be wide skill corruption and ottoman state sultan selim de third would be the first Sultan’s clearly addressed this period of decline by trying to enact a series of reforms to modernize them higher

one of these new reforms included the creation of the Nizam agenda which would be the new military Corps that would be trained by French military advisers to train autumn soldiers of the European model of warfare in which would modernize the army and make them more effective during wartime when the Janissaries heard about this creation of a new military order they revolted in order to maintain their power and government keep out Western influences out then part sillim the third would be killed and his nephew mr. Foote the fourth was installed as a puppet Sultan by the Janissaries all assume the dirts reforms would be reversed your leader Mustafa stepbrother mommy the second would start a civil war and dethrone Mustafa the scrawny saw passed the new Sultan during this time period Europe was 22 Napoleonic Wars which saw vast parts of Europe being occupied by Napoleon’s new French Empire these occupations of European territories will lead to the rise of nationalism all around Europe during the Napoleonic Wars the oddities for most eating troop like they fight against the French in the European Coalition and many wars in order to protect its natural sovereignty against two warring sides by the 1820s nationalism had reached Ottoman Empire which caused a major divide between ethnic groups of the diverse country and particularly the Empire’s European provinces many of these ethnic groups wants to break away from declining Ottoman empires form a nation of their own major rebellions rules up in Serbia and Albania which were all suppressed by Ottoman forces the Greek rebellion was also suppressed but with the help of Russia Dawn’s for defeating the disastrous results – war 1828 Russia had always claimed itself to be the protector or Tharks Christians in autumn and fire which gave them the justification to go to war against Adams when they felt that Christian populations being harassed Russia had always seen itself as the successor state to the Roman Empire so one of their nationalistic goals was to retake Constantinople from the Ottomans to establish a new Orthodox Christian order with Russian assistance and the help from European powers Greece became the first country to declare independence from the Ottoman Empire the Janissaries were really ineffective during these wars because of their inferior equipment is against the European nations in 1826 the Janissaries revolt again against mom the second but this time mom would had aa clear support from the people of Constantinople we were at this point tired of Janissaries plundering their city mom ii would our local population and with disloyal troops he was able to destroy the Chancellor order that had prevented the modernization of the empire for more than two centuries 20,000 Janissaries were killed and the rest were exiled and any history of their existence was wiped out without any opposition against modernization mamta ii would introduce his clothing reforms of 1826 which would transform ottoman society and not my military traditional turbans were banned as fascists were introduced to replace them mom with the second thought the first step of modernization was to look and act more European by the 1830s Ottomans would lose control of Egypt and even for a short period lose control of Palestine in Syria to the Ottoman governor of Egypt Mohammed Ali mama ii would die in 1839 and he would be succeeded by son Abdullah Egypt the first his reign was sparked the beginning of catan Zaman period which was the period in history where serious a modern massive reforms were introduced with the goal of to stop the decline of the Ottoman Empire with the help of Mustafa Rasheed pasha mehmet ali pasha and mehmet fatih cosmonaut reforms her past these reforms included the reorganization of the civil and criminal code and finance system according to their french model post offices introduction of the first Ottoman National Bank equal protection of all audience citizens under non religious courts adoption of a Ottoman national anthem in an ottoman national flag the abolishment of the non-muslim tax non-muslims were allowed to become soldiers in the Ottoman army the equalization of homosexuality and abolishment of slavery at full twenty years before the United States Russia was scared that the Ottomans were getting stronger so in 1853 they declared war on the Ottoman Empire and charges that are clark’s Christians did not have enough access to the Holy Land in Jerusalem major European powers like France and Great Britain thought these actions taken by Russia were unacceptable and infringed on Ottoman sovereignty they also didn’t want Russia expanding their empire that spends the decline in Ottoman power which were uneven the concerts of Europe and other terms the balance of power on continent France and Great Britain with declared war on Russia and joined the Crimean War on the side of the Ottomans the Crimean War WA and and Russian defeat with the victors and Ottomans the new Ottoman army proved itself to be a formidable force during the war to the surprise of all of Europe even though the Ottomans were nicknamed the sick man of Europe for decades now the Ottomans would finally win a war against Russia after a hundred and fifty years of defeats the Treaty of Paris which ended the war would fail to puncture Russians enough for the outbreak war which would cause another war to happen in 20 years in 1856 the Ottomans Shrunk the concerts of Europe enjoyed the Brotherhood of European nations the Ottomans in the first time in their history had to borrow money from foreign banks due to the costs of the Crimean War and the cost of the Tosca Knox reforms which would Hank at the Empire till its end in 1922 Abdul Majid the first would die in 1861 and his brother Abdul Aziz the first became the new Sultan Abdul Aziz would continue his brothers cosmonaut reforms the Tanzimat reforms passed during Abdul Aziz his string included the reformation of a new Navy which would make the Ottoman Navy the third largest Navy in the world after France of England the construction of a Imperial school of military science and the construction of the first oddmund railroad and a Ottoman Parliament made out of the many ethnicities present in the Empire Sultan Abdul Aziz went on a European grand tour in 1867 where the Royal Ottoman dynasty travelled to France Great Britain Poland Russia and Austria for the first time ever the goal of this grand tour was for Sultan Abdul Aziz to rally up support for the Ottoman Empire and negotiating deals and treaties with other European powers Abdul Aziz personally met with Emperor Napoleon the third Queen Victoria King William the first and Emperor Franz Josef even though that ton Samant reforms saw the modernization of the empire it didn’t stop the constant involves by the umpires minority ethnic groups

optimism a form of Ottoman nationalism was also tried but to no avail major revolts took place in Serbia Bosnia albanian Bulgaria but all were suppressed by Ottoman forces it was clear that minorities in the empire once their own nation states in which they were independent from the Ottoman Empire in 1875 crisis

straw playing part in which saw the Empire’s the colony crumble after years of trying to pay off foreign loans and expenses of the town’s Mott performs taxes worries which costs unrest throughout the empire the Ottomans went bankrupt in this event many expenses like the Navy and the army saw many funds being cut so Tallulah’s is abdicated the trim and would be killed a couple days later by the orders of me hawkish up me hot Pasha was the Grand Vizier during this time period Anita the only way to say to dine Empire was for the Ottoman Empire to become a subject of Great Britain me hot and his English advisers put the progra Sultan Murat v on the throne but his Sultanate with only lasts for three months due to mental illness perhaps brother October matka ii became the new sultan the first constitutional era began immediately after which saw the ottomans go from absolute monarchy to constitutional monarchy like the model used in great britain breccia seen the ottomans on a very weak state declared war on the ottomans in order to support the many rebellions in the balkans thus expanding its influence in the region as protector of all Orthodox Christians in the world the war was a disaster for the Ottomans which saw the Russian army advance as close up to a couple of miles from the capital of Constantinople the war will only last for one year in which daughter’s were defeated Bosnia Serbia Romania Bulgaria Montenegro all gained their independence from the Ottomans during the war the Christian Coalition will practice a large scale of ethnic cleansing of Balkan Muslims in which five hundred year old mosques and Muslim communities were being burned down two destroyed two million Muslims were displaced and fled to Anatolia another 400,000 Muslims were massacred during the course of the war with this huge disaster Sultana the Hermit ii decided to disband the Ottoman Parliament to prevent any other disastrous decisions by the Parliament Abdulhamid would imprison me hot pusher execute him on the charges of treason against Ottoman state by the charges of ordering that the sultan abdul aziz and taking bribes from the british after the bait was successfully rebuilt thank her and keep it safe from imperialist Europe for the next 30 years with the discovery of massive oil plots in nomina Empire and Piero’s European nations decided to support rebel groups and Ottoman Empire so that they could seize the Empire’s oil fields for themselves during the 1890s Russia and Great Britain we’re openly army Armenian rebels and other rebellions in the Balkans in which were all suppressed by Ottoman forces like Africa and careless European powers say Russia France and Great Britain wants to split up the Ottoman Empire in Abdul Hamid knew this so he allied himself the brand new German Empire European country started a huge propaganda campaign against Sultan Abdul Hamid the second and what she would be nicknamed the red Sultan for suppression of many rebellions and Ottoman Empire optelec ii would complete the construction of the railroad system that would span from Berlin to Mecca and Baghdad during this period they Young Turks Putin have begun to grow rapidly which wants the Ottoman Parliament back and push for more liberal reforms up told him it had created a police state in the entire duty maintain his power and prevent the dissolution of the empire after 30 years protecting his Empire from foreign powers up low Haman was overthrown in the Young Turks Revolution 1908 the second constitutional period had begun for the Ottoman Parliament return Sultan Abdulhamid

All Sultans Of Ottoman Empire History In English

brother Sultan mimic the fit will become the new Sultan in 1909 optimum it was the glue that kept the Ottoman Empire together for 30 years and after his overthrowing the empire plunged into a period of this aggression which would mark the beginning of the collapse of the Ottoman government the new government proved itself to be rather disorganized and ineffective unlike Abdul Hamid government seen the Ottomans in a weak and unorganized state and wanting to join the scramble of Africa Italy would declare war on the Ottoman Empire in order to gain Libya the war would only last for one year which would see the Ottomans lose Libya the new Ottoman government was in turmoil in Greece Bulgaria Montenegro and Serbia knew this so they formed a Balkan week and invaded the Ottoman Empire which would start the Balkan wars of 1912 to 1913

350,000 Ottoman soldiers were killed or wounded during the War which saw the Ottomans almost been kicked out of Europe the Ottoman army was underfunded and poorly equipped throughout the war due to the incompetence of the new government the Muslim population the Balkans were subject to ethnic cleansing yet again by the balcony which saw 200 thousand Muslims flee to an atoll and many more thousands killed the once powerful Ottoman Empire was reduced to Anatolia Syria Iraq and hadass by 1914 during the war a Ottoman coup took place which removed main figures from the new government and replaced them with the three pushes here were more radical young turks who supported pan-turkism are the unification Turkic nations the three pushes were Talat Pasha Jamal Pasha and their leader in Russia and they were the de facto leaders Solomon Empire until 1918 – summer 1914 World War one had started which saw the Allied powers Great Britain France Russia and Serbia go against the Central Powers Germany and austro-hungarian their war would see many new technologies used which would make it the deadliest European war since the Wars of Religion 400 years ago and that pusher would cite the Ottoman Empire with the Central Powers no hopes are regaining lost lands from the Balkans and Russia the Ottomans would invade Russia but it turned into a disaster which saw the whole Ottoman army destroyed in the battle sarikamish most of the army froze to death even before the battle had started due to the ottoman army being ill-equipped after four years of total war

hundreds of Ottoman Armenian citizens which owned the Russian army during and after the battle because they thought the Russians would help them get independence from the Ottomans this resulted in the killing of many Armenians and Turkish people in the region which saw both sides ethnic cleanser after 500 years of living together as peaceful neighbors 1.5 Armenians were killed in another 300,000 Turks were killed in this period of anarchy in the region by 1915 the Western Front in France was a stalemate which saw millions of soldiers from both sides die in muddy trench warfare Great Britain planned on ending the stalemate by invading the sick man of Europe by defeating me quickly with an amphibious assault on the Dardanelles the Dardanelles was a important strategic point for the British for their main goal of capturing the Ottoman capital of Istanbul which will force the Ottomans to surrender the Allied powers would attacked Dardanelles streets which would begin the Gallipoli campaign the ill-equipped Ottoman army managed to hold off the Allied forces for 10 months which made the planned quick campaign into a stalemate just like the one in the Western Front

this was a fight for survival for the Ottomans because if they lost here that would mean the Empire would end most of the Ottoman soldiers didn t not functioning guns or even uniforms but with their courage they fought on the battle would be a huge Ottoman victory which halted the British from taking Istanbul the Ottomans took 300 thousand casualties from the battle Mustafa Kemal Pasha who personally liked the defensive Gallipoli would prove himself as a great military commander during the battle which made him a war hero back home Mustafa Kemal was born in audit and Greece in 1883 to Turkish family he would attend the augment military academy in 1896 on the wishes of his dad Ali Riza founded which wanted him to pursue a military career like himself and not a religious career which is mam zu powered a cannon wanted Mustafa Kemal first saw combat as a general in the

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