PM dares to submit ‘1,000 bank accounts even’ information to ECP

Prime Minister Imran Khan in a video message to the nation, November 2020. – YouTube / File

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday toured the opposition parties to provide details on “1,000 bank accounts even” as a control committee of the Pakistan Electoral Commission examines foreign political funding for all political parties in the country.

“Those who caught us in the foreign funding case are now caught themselves,” Prime Minister Imran Khan said in a conversation with journalists in Sialkot.

He said PTI has submitted details of 40,000 bank accounts through which it received funding ahead of the 2018 election, claiming that when reviewed, they will “all prove clear”.

Among other topics discussed, the prime minister said a constitutional amendment is being opened for an open voting system to be introduced for the Senate election.

He talked about farmers and how the government could not yet pay much attention to them.

“Kamyab Kissan farmer package is the beginning. We will provide a comprehensive package to farmers and to agriculture in general,” he said.

‘Government can not be occupied without political support’

The Prime Minister spoke at length about the recent leveling of the Khokhar Palace, built on land that the government says was seized by mafias.

“Government land cannot be occupied without political backing,” the prime minister said, adding: “The Khokhar brothers had seized government land worth Rs 1.3 billion.”

He criticized PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz for “calling himself a future leader but supporting the land-grabbing mafia”.

Maryam had come out in support of the Khokhar brothers after the Lahore Development Authority launched an operation against illegal construction at Khokhar Palace – the residence of PML-N senior vice president Lahore Saiful Malook Khokhar and MNA Malik Afzal Khokhar in Johar Town.

She said they are “huge assets” for the PML-N and “face repression, never back up from supporting Nawaz Sharif and are never disloyal in spite of everything”.

Referring to the PML-N’s term of office, Prime Minister Imran said: “It is in their time that politicians were able to occupy government land.”

“We will not spare these big thieves and land-grabbing mafia,” he promised.

‘PDM was bound to fail’

The Prime Minister also spoke about the Pakistan Democratic Movement, the 11-party opposition alliance.

“PDM had to fail,” he said, adding that all “dacoits had banded together to blackmail” him.

He said the PDM is “stupid” for believing that the people will come out in support of such “corrupt” individuals.

“A fugitive leader wants to bring revolution by sitting in London,” he added.

The prime minister said that “the only reason the PDM continues to give dates and set ultimatums is so they can remain united”.

‘Maulana an insult to scholars’

The premiere also turned its weapons to especially the PDM chief – Maulana Fazlur Rehman, saying he is “an insult to religious scholars”.

“He is a corrupt man. Calling him a maulana is an insult to religious scholars,” said Prime Minister Imran.

He added that Fazlur Rehman had “used madressah students and raked in billions”.

The premiere said Fazlur Rehman “considers himself the law” and the movement “does not accept any decision made by any forum that opposes it”.

“NAB exposes their corruption, so they are against it […] in the past, they would get their judges to make decisions in their favor, ”said Prime Minister Imran.

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