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My commander or yes, what is it, get Turan. You do these things very well. You don’t know, look, let me tell you, I’m giving a life lesson, it doesn’t give anyone This to you two things women can never stand someone give a recipe a masculine profile photo The second is pets that smack and stare there they are, they instantly lower the sails to the water, try it, look at Meatballs like this Health Commander,

baby photos work very well in traffic And Exactly. de baby fishes. You know this business, huh. I think he even joined and if it’s mine How can the test be victorious, God to you, my son, walk, my dear, I did not participate in our test. I mean,

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what kind of man are you here? this is something like you and Serdar branch Menemen You are in control and really do you know no sir i take you to you now i’ll take a walk from here we eat so here’s the direct message internet private stuff there 99/6 God bless you It’s good as if God is God. That’s our duty.

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  • Savasci Season 1 Episode 1 Urdu Subtitles
  • Savasci Season 1 Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitles
  • Savasci Season 1 Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles
  • Savasci Episode 1 Urdu Subtitles
  • Savasci Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitles
  • Savasci Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Is it understood, it’s Anatolia, let’s go\ Yes, I will talk about this cake, I will break up with you. What are you doing, brother? we are breaking from socialism, he is already off the internet, weird first one is sick your recipes will be good for the guys, second one to me again with the Greens on it if you say brother,

I will warn you, it is usual school aunty, why is it my brother-in-law? mentions there if you don’t get it wrong so I miss you a lot at your meals there I swear to you in my nose, I am the only one who misses my mother’s food. My Difficult Desires yes come on guys \What preparation is yours Commander Come on we’re going, that commander is hungry If this Emma is also on the floor, it’s not nice that your uncle didn’t pass by, Savasci Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitles

but But if you’re the heir to the motor, then the speed cake is chocolate, I don’t know. Do you know that too? Look what kind of maniac Bean Lan is now. Is it possible or not? In fact, for example, it looks like something or its There’s something like that. And they made a bus driver that you adored. Did you watch it?

my head This means that many of our ancestors have accumulated. Aren’t we all human in prison? we’ll have a lot of nightmares When was the chief court? Is yours close? Akcan A2 had a month Anyway There is nothing to do, we will keep our usual word 7 Thanks to the homeland If you take this pace, take a look and see what happened, don’t worry, I may have misunderstood but there are a few watchers to take it, it seems like there are 34,

it has caught my attention since morning The colonel turns as if they are cutting I think the commander is aware of where you are reading a book. I don’t know Of course you are aware my eyes may be full they are swollen Whatever you look for These are also help I think so much help me \ Savasci Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitles

Is this book exciting Colonel what finally do you get the girl what’s up This book is finished Colonel but Android Won’t you say something Huh Colonel won’t you resist me He what happened to your plains take it bye yes come on you do it while you have time and i will I’ll finish the book if I don’t perish, what will you do? Can you beat me? I’m your Elif ideas I’m the end of it Colonel Yes, don’t bring it now, it’s coming,

we need to talk. Yeah, I’ve ever stopped being one of those guys Even me actually he are you the best sir there are so many good but how good can we be they are I’m not sure what this means Commander friends write to us for a few minutes okay come on come on come on but these are trying to kill us 8 my head is going to be something very serious what do you think when you say something serious that idiot in the middle just say tifika Special Forces already in jail Why we ask for payment may be the reason that means we head we something Savasci Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitles

We intend to and you won’t be porno to me There’s only one way, dude, we’ll find out what this thing is very soon.\\ let’s call a star brother, stop,This is an attempt istanbul-ankara should be in place to take the initiative Büryan Gendarmerie Commander all It comes out on the edge. If there is confusion in such an environment here, be sure no one searches behind a group of prisoners who were shot at not to find the exit safely in the morning look at this job stay calm everyone has gone to their place nobody adventure seek come on let’s go let’s do it

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