Sindh reduces time to math in 2021, intermediate exams by one hour

KARACHI: Sindh has decided to reduce the duration of the cadastral and middle board exams from three hours to two hours for academic year 2021, said Provincial Education Minister Saeed Ghani on Saturday.

He announced the decisions taken during a meeting of the steering group on educational activities in the province amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The dates for exams in the matriculation exam, summer vacation and the start of the new academic year were announced.

Strict standard operating procedures will be implemented to limit the spread of coronavirus, Ghani said.

These were some of the committee’s decisions:

  1. Annual exams for matrices and intermediate ones start from July
  2. The matriculation examination will be from 1 July to 15 July, while the intermediate examination will be from 28 July to 16 August
  3. Exams for students from preschool to grade eight will be conducted in June
  4. Internships are held before the exam in June
  5. New academic year for public educational institutions starts from 2 August 2021
  6. Summer holidays will be in July
  7. Paper pattern for the board exam: half of the exam consists of multiple choice questions, while 30% have short questions and 20% long questions

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