Why Sultan Selim Yavuz Killed His Brothers

Sultan Saleem, also known as Saleem I or Saleem Yaoz

He was a very strict man

Strong body, round red face and this big mustache were the hallmarks of Sultan Saleem I.They were very strict in the matter of justice

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Sultan Saleem had a fondness for IslamHistorians also call Sultan Saleem tandkhu because of his harsh temper You got the title of Yaoz because of your strong personality Yaoz literally means consistent But some people take it to mean ruthless As Western writers write selim the grim On April 24, 1512, Salem Yaoz sat on the Ottoman throne in Istanbul For the throne, Saleem Yawz had to fight with his father Bayazid Because Sultan Bayazid had decided to make Prince Ahmed Crown Prince.

But Salem was defeated in that battle, and he fled to Crimea So he reorganized his army and then gained more power Bayazid was old at the time Therefore, the members of the empire and the army appealed to Sultan Bayazid That you are old, so it is better for the Empire to leave the throne for Saleem. So the Sultan, seeing himself and the empire, stepped down from the throne in favour of Saleem. Bayazid was 64 years old at the time and it was 1512 Sultan Bayazid decided to spend the last part of his life in worship and silence He lived for a very short time after leaving the government.Sultan Saleem, of course, ascended the throne with the consent and joy of the people and the armyAnd now they have the opportunity to show their talents openly.

When you became Sultan. You had reached the age of 40 The greatest threat to Sultan Salem I after his accession to the throne was from his brothers Ahmed and Karkod
sultan Saleem sent letters to both of them and he said, I appoint you people as governor in a province You will not rebel And he said, I appoint you people as governor in a province you will not rebel They apparently agreed. But Sultan Saleem knew his blood That their brothers are not going to sit comfortably.

Sultan Saleem was receiving information that Ahmed was gathering troops On the other hand, Ahmed imposed heavy taxes on the public to cover military expenses But still Salim himself did not take the initiative in the fight against his brother

Ahmed even came to Amasia with his army Now Sultan Saleem Yaoz considered it necessary to stop it
Ahmed’s sons were equal partners with their father Bursa was occupied by Ahmed’s son Prince Alauddin Sultan Saleem easily defeated him and arrested him. And killed his two nephews,

including Allauddin When Ahmed received the reports, he tried a battle with Sultan Saleem Sultan Saleem defeated him and Ahmad fled and hid in his territories. Now Karkod, the elder brother of Sultan Saleem, who had taken oath That he will not rebel and remain governor of his territory Some of his friends at the palace wrote him a letter asking him to come to Istanbul We will remove Sultan Saleem and make you Sultan Unfortunately, There was greed in The Heart of Karkod He replied to his friends positively, but the letter fell into the hands of Sultan Saleem

Sultan Saleem did not consider it appropriate to keep this claimant throne alive He soon attacked Karkod and arrested him. And he beheaded Kirkod He soon attacked Karkod and arrested him. And he beheaded Kirkod

And for many days he stopped eating and drinking in the grief of his brother.And because of his death they were so miserable that sometimes they cried.

But on the other hand, Ahmed won some sympathy from the people And gathered the army and tried to fight Sultan Saleem many times. Finally caught and he was also killed After his murder, Sultan Saleem Yaoz was the only heir

And now they could rule with satisfaction. He then fell ill in 1520 And after 9 years of assuming the throne, they left the mortal world He performed many feats during this short period of 9 years of government He defeated the Mamluks of Egypt In addition to Egypt, present-day Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Jordan And above all,

he captured the Hijaz and doubled the area of ​​his empire With the acquisition of the two holy cities of Hijaz, “Mecca and Medina”. At that time, Saleem I became the most powerful ruler in the Muslim world According to the general concept, the Ottoman Caliphate started in 1517. And Sultan Saleem was declared the first Caliph of the Muslims Whereas before that Usmani was called sultan or king

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