Best Historic Movie Turkish Ice Cream With Urdu Subtitles

Can you imagine that only 2 young Turks, yes .. !!
Only 2 young Turks … in a foreign country, far away from their homeland, the whole unit of the world’s superpower army should be bitten ?? …
There is also an amazing event in history on which the director of Aila Film has made the best film


Historical background of the film ::

This is the same era of the First World War on which the Mehmetchak Kot Al-Amara drama has been made, ie this film is also related to the same period …. The local population was pushed to the shores and Britain would occupy the rest of Australia
Australia Since the new discovery, the British had no control over the entire continent and the population was small. There were 2 young Turks in the same population.

When the Ottoman Empire became a part of the First World War in 1915, these young people also came to know about it. … Britain orders Australian government to form new unit to head to Chanak Fort

(As shown in Mehmetchak, a unit of Indian soldiers recruited from the subcontinent).

The people of Australia did not want a war with the Ottoman Empire, but the British forcibly recruited Australian youth into the military unit.
Far from their homeland, these two young Turks vowed to save the Ottoman Empire. One of them was a camel and the other was a Turkish ice cream cart.

(This ice cream cart and pictures of it are still there today)

Turkish Ice Cream (Türk İşi Dondurma) in urdu subtitle turkish drama in urdu

They did not see that these are just 2 young men and they are competing with the whole British army … They first quietly attacked the British headquarters in Australia and stole a lot of weapons. Ice cream
Hidden in the cart so that no one would suspect

Then they surrounded the train of the British unit in a tunnel and destroyed the whole unit by fighting for several days in a row … In this battle the entire British unit was competing with 2 Turkish youths …
This battle is known in history as the Battle of Broken Hill … British and allied forces were defeated at Chanak Fort and Australian aid could not reach there …
The British have tried hard to cover up their defeat and historical defeat by two Turkish soldiers, such as underestimating the number of dead soldiers in the war and presenting the attack as a terrorist attack on a civilian train …

خلافت عثمانیہ کے ان عظیم سپاہیوں کی تاریخی فلم دیکھنے کے لیے یہاں کلک کریں

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