Ufone Free Facebook for Prepaid & Postpaid Users

The most common social networking platform is Facebook and Facebook users don’t want to be away even for a moment from their social activities. To remain in contact with your friends on Facebook, you need mobile data. You can not post your favourite Facebook videos and images without an active internet connection.

Ufone understands and offers you an acceptable deal for your social media needs. It provides Ufone Prepaid Customers with “Free Basics Offers.”

You can enjoy free Facebook when you use Ufone SIM. It involves exchanging videos, audio files, photographs, notes, status uploads, and calling to Facebook, etc.

Offer available for consumers who are postpaid and prepaid.

The Ufone Free Basics offer helps you to keep in contact with family and friends. You can also use Facebook Messenger.

You can also use some other useful websites such as WikiHow, Wikipedia, Bing and Girl Impact.

Terms & Conditions

  • For the use of this offer, there are no subscription charges.
  • No code of subscription. Just open the Facebook app and “activate” your mobile data.
  • If you want to open the Ufone application in your browser, be sure to use “Android Browser” or “iOS Browser.” Opera Mini or UC Browser is not supported.
  • On Facebook there might be some external connections. These are communications with third parties and charges are imposed to open them. You can subtract money from your account if you open a third-party connection.

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